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Game Thread # 50 -- @ Orlando

The big question coming into this game: Will Bruce Bowen be able to make J.J. Redick cry? Speaking of Bruce, there's an interesting article about him over at Ian Thomsen, the author, answers questions about the NBA; that's the angle of the article. Questions 1, 5 and 9 are about Bruce, and the article is broken up into multiple online pages. So there's no way you'd know questions 5 and 9 were about Bruce unless you read the whole thing. Absolutely terrific editing by SI. Here's my favorite excerpt:

Bowen is 35. And yet he remains the best perimeter defender -- correction: he is the NBA's best defender -- despite his age. Instead of retiring, he is improving.

I wish I could witness stampler's reaction to that comment.

Tonight's game will be recapped by PtR member adam8065. We still need volunteers for the following games. You can sign up via the comments section.

Tue 2/13 @ NJ, 6:30
Tue 3/6 @ POR, 9:00
Sat 3/10 vs. NJ, 7:00 NBATV
Thu 3/15 @ MIL, 7:00
Wed 3/21 vs. IND, 7:00

Tonight's contest lines:

SA @ ORL: ORL +6.5
MIA @ CLE: CLE -2.5

Post away.