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Game Thread # 56 -- vs. Seattle

This will be an odds and ends type preview.

-There's a new poll.

-As pointed out by PtR member kalone, Bill Simmons wrote an article grading each team's performance at the trading deadline (it's an entertaining read). He had the following to say about the Spurs, who he gave a grade of "INC" (meaning "incomplete"):

If the Spurs honestly believe this particular roster of guys can beat Phoenix or Dallas this spring, they're crazy. On the other hand, I'm not sure what they could have done. They need another big man to help out Tim Duncan defensively (he's slipping noticeably on that end), as well as a big-time perimeter stopper (Manu Ginobili's slipping and Bruce Bowen already slipped) ... but they had no trading chips other than their No. 1 pick, Luis Scola's rights and a couple of smaller expiring contracts. (Note: I spent 25 solid minutes trying to figure out a way they could have landed Joel Przybilla or Gerald Wallace for a reasonable price and couldn't make it work.) So what can you do? They're getting old and there's no real way to stop it.

-Tony Parker has a wounded knee; tendinitis. And, as per usual, he's a little too honest:

"I'm young, so I'm not very disciplined with the treatments. I'll do it consistently when it hurts. But when it doesn't hurt, that's when I have to stay on it."

-Melvin Ely is much more adept at giving all the right answers (and we have no reason to question his sincerity):

When Ely learned of the trade, he said, "I just started smiling."

"I was at home like a kid getting ready for Christmas," said Ely, 28. "I couldn't go to sleep. I'm excited to play for a great team. Who wouldn't want to play for Tim Duncan?"

"They have a goal here. I was with the Clippers for two years and we were losing, then I was with an expansion team. But here, they're used to winning and working hard."

Uh, Melvin, you're playing with Tim Duncan, not for him. Now those donuts you have to get before practice, those are for Tim.

-Tonight's recap is going to be written by PtR member BobPalSF.

-We're playing Seattle. Let's not forget that Ray Allen is a manicured nancy boy whose has inappropriate relations with adolescent koala bears. We hates him.

-Tonight's lines (contest standings are completely updated):

SEA @ SA: SA -10

Post away.