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Trading Deadline Update

All signs point to the Spurs (along with just about everybody else) standing pat. The Bean Burrito is still a Spur. Jason Kidd and Vinsanity are still Nets. Pau will still be wowing the tepid crowds of Memphis and Bibby will still act the fool in Sactown.

But there actually is some trading action to report. PtR has made a trade. Our beloved Aaronstampler, recapper extraordinaire, has been dealt to the Official Hello Kitty Blog. It pains me to let him go, it really does. It was not a decision I made flippantly; I went through many a tribulation during negotiations, but in the end they gave me an offer I couldn't refuse.

That's right, not one but two boxes of Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls. And I want you to know stampler, dear friend, that they initially offered Nutty Bars and I told them, straight up, to go fuck themselves.