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James White to Play in NBDL All Star Game

Some of you are already aware of this, but the Anointed One is playing in the NBDL All Star Game tomorrow at 4 p.m. central time. The game is being shown on NBATV.

His performance in this game will have absolutely no effect on his role with the Spurs. There's nothing he can do to earn any of Michael Finley's playing time. I know that. And I am still at least as excited about this as I am the "real" All Star game on Sunday. Maybe it's the romance of the unknown. Or maybe it's simply knowing that absolutely NO ONE will be playing any defense, and His Flightness should have at least a couple breakaway chances. Yeehaw.


Kudos to FirebatMIV for putting up "News Rundowns" over in the diaries. Excellent contribution, and really the first place every Spurs fan should go for the latest tidbits.