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Game Thread # 53 -- @ Detroit

A couple things.

First. Jackie Butler's beard is an endless source of wonderment. I want Jackie Butler's beard to be my Valentine. Behold.

Stop! The Beard beseecheth thee!

If only my beard could grow in that manner. My facial hair is quite coarse to the touch, and once it gets longer than a quarter inch it gets all scraggly and begins to resemble, well, pubic hair. Not attractive.

I might grow it out anyway. What the hell.

Second. The Contest. The standings are updated. I looked back at my track record (via the spreadsheet I created to keep track of all this), and I currently am 12-1 ATS. That's crazy. I should charge you people for my genius.

Tonight's lines:

SA @ DET: DET -3.5 (The Spurs are underdogs for, what, the second time this year?)

Thoughts, fake wagers, bitter Valentine's Day sentiments? Post away.