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Game Thread # 51 -- @ Miami

Let's see. On Friday the Spurs allowed J.J. Redick to score a career high. May God help us, because on Sunday the Spurs face this man:

That bicep is air-brushed in, right?

He can shoot the rock. He's tan. And despite his abnormally small fingernail on his left pinky, he's one dreamy son of a bitch. He's Jason Kapono.

Francisco Elson may not play tomorrow due to a swollen knee. Hey! Maybe Jackie Butler will get to suit up and sit on the bench while Oberto gets abused by Shaq and Alonzo. Shit, even Michael Doleac would probably push Fabri around.

Am I overly negative?

Don't answer that.

Today's lines:

SA @ MIA: MIA +1
LAL @ CLE: CLE -3.5