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Game Thread # 48 -- @ Phoenix

"I come to you at the turn of the tide."

The players, the coaches, the fans and the media all know that tonight is an important game. Both teams are coming off losses. The one regular season question mark surrounding PHX is their lack of a win against DAL and SA. The Spurs are 1-1 on the RRT, the significance of which has been both a rallying cry and an excuse all season.

A nationally-televised game, with no other NBA tilts competing for an audience...

Networks love to wear out cliches, but in this case it's accurate: both teams are looking to make a statement tonight.

My opinions regarding the current state of the Spurs are clear at this point. So it should come as no surprise when I say I think the Spurs are going to get beat soundly tonight. Possibly obliterated.


The contest standings are finally updated. There's only ten players left standing. Someone starting fresh, today, would be in the fifth place. Considering I'm not eligible for the prizes, that's only two spots out of the money. There's no deadline for joining the contest, so if you haven't already busted out, feel free to join in. Here's the background information.

Tonight's lines:

SA @ PHX: PHX -6.5

Post away.