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Nothing Says Playa Like a Blog T-Shirt

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People, we have shirts. I'm having them done through (which I've heard is considerably better than and they are $18.36 + ~$4.50 shipping through January 7th, after which they'll be $22.95 plus shipping.

The design is the logo on the front and "" in small letters on the top of the back of the shirt. I intended for the shirt to only be sold in black for now, but you cannot restrict the sales to just one color. So if you want a kelly green PtR shirt then here's your chance!

Let me know if you want a specific quote on the back of the shirt. I'll allow pretty much anything, but it does have to be approved through me first. Either post your request here or email me, but please don't waste my time unless you really are going to buy it, mmmkay? Personally, the back of my shirt will read "Verbally fellating Manu Ginobili since 2005."

For the record, Stampler and I will be splitting $1.80 for every shirt sold. Also, here's a fair warning: I am totally making out with the first person I see wearing this shirt in public.