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Game Thread # 29 -- vs. Memphis

The fucking Grizzles again.

The Spurs waived Marcus Williams a second time and signed DerMarr Johnson. I am very, very excited about this signing.

A long time ago, back when I was married, my ex-wife forwarded me a chain email with a bunch of dumb questions like "What is your favorite color?" and "What will you name your first child?" I, being a bastardly curmudgeon at the time, answered every question sarcastically. I particularly recall saying I would name my first son "Poop." I particularly recall this answer because my ex-wife loved to bring it up at social gatherings. You know, when wives play that whole "whose husband is the most insensitive" game. Good times.

Of course I had much better ideas for kid's names. Such as naming my first son John but telling him it's pronounced like "Paul." You know, for fun and games.

This is relevant because DerMarr has a superfluous capital letter in his first name. I went back ten years and as far as I can tell DerMarr is the first in Spur history to sport the extra semi-random capitalized letter. I love these. Now we just need somebody with an apostrophe. Maybe we can start a petition to have DerMarr change his name to D'Marr. That's pretty much the same pronunciation anyway.

As for his gameliness and ability to help the Spurs. I dunno. Maybe. Oh, and I remember him wearing a headband, too! Excitement! Titillation!