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Waiting to Exhale

San Antonio 100, Portland 79

Box score.

Fucktastic. (AP Photo / Eric Gay)

The official word from Jeff McDonald at the Express-News:

He has a bruised right knee and sprained right ankle... The Spurs will await the results of a Monday MRI before breathing a full sigh of relief, but team doctors say there doesn't appear to be ligament damage to the knee.

When it comes to ligaments, I trust MRIs over doctors, especially when the injury looks like this:

"Oh no."

There is about a 0.1% chance Timmeh plays against Dallas. We all know how Pop likes to tweak opposing teams by holding out key players in big regular season games. Given that, this is an absolute no-brainer.

The Spurs were obviously skittish for the first couple minutes after Duncan being helped off the court. But they played well enough to never leave any doubt as to who was going to win this game. Parker continued his brilliant play, going for 27 points and 8 dimes with only 4 missed FGA and 1 TO (<stampler>he also traveled in the lane twice without getting it called</stampler>).

San Antonio defended the pick and roll well all night, with Elson and Oberto popping out to slow down the ball carrier repeatedly. Brent Barry continued to thoroughly outplay Michael Finley and Jacque Vaughn had 10 points so I feel obligated to begrudgingly admit that he wasn't craptacular tonight.

Tonight marked the season debut of Robert Horry. I am going to do my best to limit my mocking of the man. I have no idea what personal problems he's been going through, and it would be mean-spirited of me to joke about his time off. The first thing I noticed was that he changed his number to 25 (which he wore with the Rockets). He used to be 5 which is now worn by Udoka. The second thing I noticed? He had a couple of blocked shots and looked like the same player from last year.