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Game Thread # 22 -- @ Los Angeles Lakers

Many phrases could be used to describe the Spurs performance against Golden State. However, if you desire accuracy, the word "shit" must be in there somewhere. Such as:

-The Spurs looked shitty.
-The Spurs might as well have taken a giant shit in the middle of the court.
-Matt Bonner was the only guy who didn't play shittastically.

What an awful and sad performance. I stopped watching early in the second quarter. I actually knew the Spurs were going to lose earlier than that, which is rare for me. Typically I don't read much into one play early in a game, but Tuesday night was an exception.

The play happened a couple of minutes after Ginobili checked in. Manu made one of his prototypical ill-advised passes which led to a mini fast break. The odd, disturbing element to all of this wasn't the turnover, it was the fact he didn't hustle back. This happened early in the first quarter, so fatigue is not a possible explanation, and he definitely could have gotten back into the play... it was by no means a lost cause. At the moment I knew we were fucked, no matter how many terrible shots Baron Davis took.

Maybe he's hurt. Maybe he had an emotionally taxing couple of days and he couldn't get it out of his head. Maybe the Spurs were trying to lose. Those are the only three possible explanations for an obvious lack of effort... I mean the guy was freaking -21 for the game. -21! To his credit he didn't mince words (emphasis mine):

I didn't do my job. I contributed to my team playing bad. I turned the ball over five times in the first half, and that seems impossible against them. All I can say is I was not ready.

The thing is, I'm not really complaining. The man can't be The Sickness every night and just because he's making millions doesn't mean he isn't human and entitled to a day off just like the rest of us. Just don't expect me to watch, you know?

He'll likely have all sorts of opportunities to be more productive tonight: both Parker and Duncan are doubtful against the Lakers.

I updated the contest standings through the Golden State game. Nobody picked the Spurs to lose to either Sacramento or Golden State.

Key -- 3
aaronstampler -- 2
DennardC -- 2
krukow -- 2
papa smurf -- 2
ptruser -- 2
AusTechSpur -- 1
bones -- 1
guille -- 1
LatinD -- 1
Matthew Powell -- 1
T2150 -- 1