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Game Thread # 6 -- @ New Orleans

Friday night features a matchup of two 4-1 teams as the Spurs travel to New Orleans to face Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets.

You would think the Spurs would start getting Tim Duncan a little more involved in the offense. His points, field goal attempts, turnovers and assists are all currently at career lows. In fact, so are his minutes (though not by enough to explain the dip in the aforementioned other numbers), rebounds, field goal percentage and steals.

I am visiting the family in San Antonio this weekend, so watching the game will not be a problem. I'll be getting takeout at Paesanos and watching it at my parents house. Paesanos is basically the Powell family restaurant. I grew up in San Antonio and for literally as long as I can remember we've eaten there and no where else. We'd make the drive across town to the original San Pedro location and I'd get rigatoni with meat balls and meat sauce. My dad got the veal parmigiana and a glass a rose. My mom, the minestrone soup or on occasion the manicotti. I don't remember what my sisters usually ordered and I usually slept on the way home.