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What's Gotten Into Manu?

Tonight while watching (OMG I GOT TO WATCH THE GAME 1!111!!!!1) my second Spurs game of the season I saw something from Manu Ginobili that I had never seen before. Early on in the third quarter (Pop had inserted him into the second half starting lineup) he drove the lane and got fouled my Jason Williams who added an unprovoked elbow into Manu's back well after the ball had left his hands.

The Sickness took offense and got into his face a little. This is the same guy who never opened his mouth while playing two consecutive series in the 2005 playoffs against teams who were basically trying to hurt him.

Later in the same quarter he canned a three from the wing and had some choice words for Ricky Davis (according to Jon Barry, Davis gave Manu an elbow during the first half). Manu's talking crap now, too? What the hell is going on?

He's always been one of the most competitive guys in the league, but he never participated in any of the extracurricular stuff. Did something change in him? Is this going to continue? He's got at least 3 dunks in 5 games...

ok, so I'm a little aroused right now

There's much more that could be said about this game but I don't want to steal stampler's thunder. Plus I'm tired and I want to go to sleep. There were three quality predictions of the Miami score, with guille's (92-82) coming out on top.