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Game Thread # 4 -- @ Houston

The Spurs play their first real game of the season tomorrow in Houston (who, as I write this, are in the last throws of losing at Dallas).

So I just spent the last thirty minutes watching Mitch Hedberg clips on YouTube. He was hilarious and I wish he was still here.

Tracy McGrady shoots the ball too damn much. Here's are his 3PAPG the past four years:

7.7 (2003-04)

Here are his 3P% over the same time period:


Are those percentages good enough to justify the attempts? I don't think so. This would drive me crazy if I was a Rockets fan. Against the Mavericks he had 31 FGA and Yao Ming had 12. When's the last time a Spur put up 31 FGA in a non-overtime game?

I'll actually be able to watch tomorrow night's game and I'll be paying close attention to TMac's shot selection and how many times Rick Adelman looks clueless. The fact that the Rockets and the Celtics have two of the worst coaches in the league makes me sleep easier at night. That and copious amounts of Xanax.

Post away.