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Saturday Afternoon Browsing

Can't get enough of NBA blogs? Well, here's a complete list of season previews put together by Jeff over at

Tom Ziller is the editor of fellow SportsBlogs Nation site He wrote a very entertaining preview of the Southwest Division. Check it out.

Henry Abbott of ESPN's True Hoop put together some short blogger previews for Unfortunately I was a little lax on checking my email and missed the deadline. We were instructed to answer, in a 100 words or less, "If you got some QT with your GM, what would you want to know?" Here's my response:

The polite thing would be to relive R.C. Buford's glory days and ask him about snagging Parker and Ginobili preposterously late in their respective drafts. Screw that. I'd rip him for trading Jackie Butler and Luis Scola for a second round pick and cash. And why to Houston, R.C.? You realize they're in the same division and sort of already good, right? McGrady, Ming... ringing any bells here? And how could you cut James White? The man can go between the legs from the free throw line! Jacque Vaughn can't even touch the freaking rim and he gets two years?

Nothing that hasn't been written in this space countless times...

Have a great rest of the weekend everybody. I slept until noon today and now I'm off to watch The Darjeeling Limited followed by football and bar-b-q at a friend's house. Today fucking rules.

Lastly, PtR member krukow had the best prediction for game 3. He guessed 95 - 83 and the final score was 96-80.