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Game Thread # 16 -- vs. Washington

I haven't seen every Spurs game this year, but I cannot imagine them putting forth a poorer effort than what was displayed against Sacramento. The Kings have no post man I would consider a "defensive presence," yet the Spurs seemed unwilling to take the ball to the basket. Parker only took 13 FGA despite being guarded by Beno and Manu hoisted 6 shots from inside the arc. That's not good enough, though I suppose we could give them a pass for being tired.

I knew 2 minutes into the game the Spurs didn't have it and I didn't even bother watching the fourth quarter.

I didn't intend this to be a Kings recap, so I am simply going to ignore Beno's performance. I'm sure stampler will have something to say, and in the meantime you can check out rick2g's commentary.

The Wizards are coming into fresh off Monday's thrashing of the Mavericks. They're led by Caron Butler who has a PER of 23.4 and a ridiculous TS% of 61.4%.