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Game Thread # 13 -- vs. Memphis

Well, dammit, I forgot to set the DVR for this game before I left for San Antonio, so I won't be watching. I'll probably listen on the radio during my drive back to Austin... anyone else miss Jay Howard, the guy who did the radio for Spurs games a long, long time ago?

I cannot say I'm too upset, though, because we're talking about the Grizzlies here. The two players I most want to see are Conley, Jr. and Milicic, and the former is out with a bad shoulder (though as nails, that one) and Darko is day to day with a bad case of melancholy.

Alright, I'm off to do some holiday shopping with my sister. I told my whole family that if somebody doesn't get me the Squidbillies DVD that I would take all my gifts, stack them in the middle of the floor and light them on fire. Yes, I'm 7 years old.