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Game Thread # 2 -- @ Memphis

Stampler is doing the official Portland recap, so I am going to stick to just a couple notes.

--Stan Kelly... I know he's been around forever, but c'mon. At this point I'd rather listen to the Pope masturbate.

--Pop's first chew out victim of the year? Matt Bonner, for not fouling some dude to prevent the easy layup. Should we call Matt Bonner "Gingerhead Man" or just "Ginger?"

--Manu has added to his arsenal of pads. He now wears something over his tailbone. I like to think of it as a "reverse codpiece."

--Darius Washington impressed me, especially his beard. It's not as magnificent as Jackie Butler's was, but it's nothing if not delightful. He made his presence felt early when he fouled his man while Portland was trying to inbounds the ball. I'm fairly certain Beno isn't aware you're even allowed to play defense in that situation.


It's on to Memphis and the first segababa of the season. The Grizzlies have a new coach in former Phoenix assistant Marc Iavaroni and a couple new bench pieces in Darko Milicic and Juan Carlos Navarro. Umm. Memphis is in Tennessee and Elvis has a museum there. That's all I got.

Check out for all things Grizzlies.

The closest guess of last night's final score was SA 105, POR 92, missing by a total of six points. The guesser? Me. Yay. My mother must be so proud.

Post away, yo, post away.