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I'm Right, I'm Right, I'm Right I'm Right I'm Right.

Newsflash peeps... Marcus Williams sucks. I told y'all it was a stupid draft pick when it was made and it's been confirmed now as the Spurs, in a bit of an upset, cut the fool's ass today and made room on the roster for Darius Washington.

Would Washington have ever gotten this chance if not for the injuries to Vaughn and the Bean Burrito? Of course not. But give him credit for taking advantage of the opportunity.

Now Washington, a guy who two months ago wasn't given a chance to make the club by anyone outside of his family, will most likely get some playing time in the season opener and possibly for a few games after that while the other scrubs heal up.

Still, his hold on a job here is tenuous at best, and he better play pretty decently if he doesn't want to get cut once all the point guards on the club get healthy.

I admit, it will be pretty interesting to see how Pop handles this in a couple of weeks. Maybe Udrih will get cut/traded after all and the club will eat a few luxury tax dollars.

That would be a staggering development indeed.

Anyway, this gets away from my original point which was that Marcus Williams sucks, drafting him was stoooopid, and if I had my druthers, Mr. White would still be on the club, even if the veterans had to administer a Code Red on him for his crappy, selfish attitude in the summer league.