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The Spurs are a Basketball Team

The Spurs are a basketball team. They dribble the ball. The shoot the ball and try to score the ball. They defend against the other team. There is much to defend against. They have a leader who points out when they are inadequately defending against something in particular. He does this by screaming obscenities. This is necessary because the others are trying to put a round object not just into but through your basket.

Kindly asking them not to is not enough. You have to defend.

Vigorously. All the time. You should be worn out at the end of the day.

I turn 30 this year and this weekend I ate an entire bag of Tostitos Hint of Lime tortilla chips with two cans of spicy bean dip. I spread it out over two days because I am a successful, well-proportioned man with a Masters Degree.

Never forget that every day is another opportunity is disappoint yourself. You may have defended horribly today, but you can defend even worse tomorrow. Don't sell yourself long. Buy low, sell lower.

Always clean up whatever mess escapes you. Quickly. Always pretend nothing happened.

The Spurs are trying. They run fast and shoot with a purpose. They practice and think and visualize and want to please the onlookers. Because the onlookers have paid and have the right to their pleasure.

Dunks! Baskets! Firm defense!

I have never. I do not. I do not. I have never been. I have never. I have never been. Yet a desperate fuckup all the same. It's amazing what you can destroy when you use your imagination.

The Spurs have a purpose. Theirs' are not idle hands. Their best laid plans shall not go awry because they are well put together.

Tenacity! Verve! Alacrity!

My neck's been bothering me for two weeks and I wish I had more money to spend on shoes. I think I'll sell my gigposter collection and acquire the Best Mattress That Money Can Buy.

The Spurs are important. People are watching and evaluating and judging. The balls bounce and people react and feel accordingly and respond in kind.