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It's a Urinehose.

I'm sorry. I know, I know...

First game of the RRT. Buckling down. Doing the little things. Finding a way to win. Making the big shots. Moving the ball. Help defense. Commitment.

But I just don't have it in me to be Mr. Positivity and Excitement. I'm no Mr. Sunshine. But please, I beg you, don't let it stop you from enjoying the small victories.


Stampler (aka Michael) and I chatted the length of the game. You know, over the internets. He thinks the transcript is worth posting; so, what the hell. It's "after the jump." Oh, and sorry to disappoint, but I deleted all the cybersex parts.

Michael: yo!

Matthew: yer late

Michael: ...

Matthew: ???

Michael: that little canadian fucker is pretty good. He's no Tony Parker though.

Matthew: I only saw the last six minutes... that reverse over the head layup from like 5 away? What the hell was that?

Michael: just general badassness. He's like toying with people out there

Matthew: Why is there a power grader commercial on in the middle of an NBA game?
Why is there a power grader commercial, period?

Michael: I dunno. I like that car commercial where the girl sings "adieu" with an accent. That's hot. I love girls with accents

Matthew: What the hell is this introduction?

Michael: it's retarded. Plus the kobe jersey on the chick is still # 8

Matthew: I didn't notice that. Retarded, indeed.

Michael: yay

Matthew: Pop thinks he's going "out of the box" by bringing Manu off the bench.

Michael: coach mixing it up.
out of the box would be like benching bowen.

Matthew: EXACTLY.
That's why I hate this... Spurs fans and the media will think he's making some big move; when it makes very little difference.

Michael: how about letting beno play with tim and manu so he won't suck as much and letting tony be the microwave off the bench? That would be out of the box

Matthew: Parker would cry.
So would Eva.

Michael: eva would be pissed.

Matthew: We're totally kicking their ass.

Michael: oh game statred.
that shit went in!

Matthew: Oberto guarding Odom.

Michael: I'm not sure oberto would be a guy who can crack the rotation in a championship caliber team

Matthew: Well, he wouldn't play for PHX or DAL.

Michael: yeah. Tony isn't passing it to Manu AGAIN. Now I'm pissed.

Matthew: I bet Tony convinced Pop to bnch Manu.

Michael: you're just having fun with me.

Matthew: I think that's Oberto's first turn around jumper of the year.
You and every other Spurs fan.

Michael: maybe. I like how brent saves the good shooting games for the crap teams.
that was sick.

Matthew: I disagree. I think Brent tries to make his shots against the good teams, too.

Michael: do or don't do, there is no try.

Matthew: It was a bank shot! A band shot qualifies as sick? That's what I mean about Duncan being boring.

Michael: a turn around bank shot

Matthew: That was a sick kicked ball.
Bowen is fucking sick.

Michael: I'd like 9 more boring blocks.

Matthew: He's a great player, no doubt.

Michael: hey you know what would make duncan more exciting?

Matthew: What?

Michael: a double murder

Matthew: Well, I guess that would be true.
I really like this camera view.

Michael: every day on sportscenter the guys would be like, "Can you believe the NBA still lets him play after he killed those two guys?"
"Well they shouldn't have said what they did about his free throws.."

Matthew: "I always knew Duncan would cut a punk if he had to."
Mark Jackson talks too much.

Michael: Manu with one low sock and one really high sock. White dork.

Matthew: Bowen sucks.
I think that's a calf muscle brace-type thing.

Michael: sure it is pal.
if he had calf muscles he could still dunk.

Matthew: The 2005 Manu is gone and he ain't coming back.
You need to say goodbye.

Michael: we never had a proper warning or anything.
he should like at least hold a press conference about it.

Matthew: We should pick someone to blame.
Like Tayshaun Prince for kneeing him in the thigh in the finals.

Michael: Tony ordered a Kerrigan special in training camp

Matthew: Didn't he turn his ankle on Bowen?

Michael: I dunno.

Matthew: Hold up.
We need to figure out if Flight is suited up.
Pop got a hair cut.

Michael: I think he just described Kobe the way Spiderman's aunt describes him

Matthew: The remnants of Robert Horry have entered the game.

Michael: that was a great rebounding effort there from the fellas

Matthew: "He's such a good boy."

Michael: "not a fan favorite" that's being kind.

Matthew: Mark Jackson just compared to Manu to Earl Campbell.

Michael: his career has already lasted longer than campbell's

Matthew: I wish Horry would get an untreatable case of laminitis.

Michael: what less production? Jackson is fucking retared.
retarded even.
look up the numbers

Matthew: Numbers are for losers who need evidence.
Have we made a jumper today?

Michael: jumpers are for nerds.

Matthew: Bowen needs to stop shooting that bullshit.

Michael: we're a high flying dunking team

Matthew: Two of our starting five haven't dunked all season.

Michael: horry!
bowen hasn't dunked?

Matthew: Not that I can recall.
I did miss a couple games.

Michael: he had to have one or two off steals
an early beno sighting
gino with the brick
his threes have been shit lately

Matthew: I need a potty break.

Michael: I hate that Horry quote. It just proves he's kind of an idiot. If you wanted to be a superstar dude perhaps you shouldn't have spent your whole career camped out on the three point line like a giant wuss

Matthew: I just wish Horry would have mentioned the fact he would have made about 3 times the money if he was as good as Barkley.

Michael: he takes his rings for granted because he got them right away as a rook

Matthew: Manu's covering Kobe.

Michael: The Colorado Casanova.
You can't stop Beno.

Matthew: I think Beno just stripped Kobe.

Michael: Manu with a nice play

Matthew: Dude. That was Beno off the abll.

Michael: no..

Matthew: I'm rewinding.

Michael: do that, because I can't.

Matthew: You were right.
I suck the balls.

Michael: hey people need hobbies.
nice leggings olivia
stop shooting 3s.

Matthew: I hate this lineup of Manu, Finley, Beno, Horry and Oberto.

Michael: it doesn't help that manu is shooting like crap

Matthew: There's Bonner and Butler in suits.
I didn't see White.

Michael: didn't notice.

Matthew: ABC must be run by failed Broadway wannabees.

Michael: Dude you are like obsessed with this guy. Even if he is suited up, he won't play unless it's a 20 point game one way or the other in the 4th.

Matthew: I'm obsessed because the Spurs have no hope at this point.
Spurs fans will get a rude awakening this Thursday.

Michael: no hope is a little strong. Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki can both pop their acls between now and may.

Matthew: True.

Michael: but I think most fans are pretty realistic about the team by this point. It would surprise absolutely no one for the suns to run us.
then again, we're famous for stopping long winning streaks of theirs.

Matthew: Then Flight needs to play, and he needs to play now.
I agree though, it's not going to happen.

Michael: well you need to form a "Knights of Prosperity" type gang and kidnap the coach then.
good show btw.

Matthew: Yeah, that show looked interesting.

Michael: the one after it though, In Case of Emergency is complete rubbish.
Hey spiderman is here.

Matthew: Is Tobey Maguire wearing a plain white undershirt?

Michael: he's james dean.

Matthew: I though I dressed like a slob.

Michael: I'm wearing a plain white undershirt right now.

Matthew: Me, too.
But we're not in the front row of Staples Center.

Michael: but I'm home.
and not a millionaire.
I get it mark, you're not as athletic as kobe bryant.

Matthew: Did you know he's from NY?

Michael: you don't say.
I love the modern Michael Jackson reference. So he did something beside molest young boys in his life?
It's like listening to a black chris berman.

Matthew: I'm thinking about getting a tattoo.

Michael: I've got 2.

Matthew: I know.

Michael: but you probably want a manly one.

Matthew: No. Just words.

Michael: I think you should get the digits for pi wrapped all around your arm as far as it'll go.

Matthew: Wow. Manu rarely helps another player up.

Michael: shoulder to wrist
that foul looked familiar, but the ball didn't go in.

Matthew: That's a pretty good idea.
Don't remidnd me.
Bowen sucks.

Michael: How have we played like 14 minutes without the announcers mentioning that pop told them manu ruined the season last year?
oy vey

Matthew: Sweet Baby Jesus this game is boring as all hell.

Michael: a C- game at best for both.
it would be um bad if we played worse in the second half than we are right now like we have in both games against these guys this year and pretty much everyone else too

Matthew: I think the best thing that could happen for this team would be to lose about 6 games on this road trip.

Michael: why not just throw some injuries in there while you're at it sunshine?

Matthew: No, injuries wouldn't work, because they would work as an excuse.

Michael: I don't think more losses would help the team at this point. I don't think they're harboring any illusions about their place in the world after losing every game the past month to a plus .500 team
well the coach might be.

Matthew: Pop is DEFINITELY harboring illusions

Michael: but the players aren't.
fin warming up

Matthew: Terrific.

Michael: Juluis Erving has done it before too, but he wouldn't be of much use now.

Matthew: It's sad that your point is a salient one.
Pop talking about giving Fin and Horry extra time... makes me want to ignore the rest of the season.
I'm all sorts of grumpy.

Michael: just a game


Michael: you'd post way more often if that was true.

Matthew: Horry's a fucking flopper.

Michael: He's spent more energy arguing the call than playing.

Matthew: Even if he got pushed, catch the ball instead of exaggerating the contact.

Michael: my favorite was the way he ended that game at seattle last year

Matthew: I was at that game.

Michael: he's pretty much been on the shit list for me since the.
must have been fun.

Matthew: Loads.

Michael: down seven, they put manu in, in a total coincedence we go on a 9-0 run, and then blow it because horry can't call a time out.
grey's anatomy or as I like to call it (mom loves this) "Slut MD"
hes' not better than that. He really isn't.

Matthew: Ha.

Michael: geez, why not just take a 3 if you're that far away tony.
wow. Horry's our best offense.

Matthew: Manu reaches a lot.

Michael: enough about your fantasies.

Matthew: Well, there's Eric Williams in uniform.

Michael: sorry.

Matthew: Sorry for what?

Michael: vaughn too probably

Matthew: Yeah.

Michael: if it makes you feel better, I doubt williams will be on the team much longer.

Matthew: I am curious to see if they get anything remotely useful for him.

Michael: define useful. Like Robert Horry useful?

Matthew: Useful = something that gives the Spurs a chance beyond Nash or Nowitzki blowing an ACL

Michael: you never know.

Matthew: Manu made a shot!

Michael: will wonders never cease

Matthew: Parker can't buy a basket.

Michael: lost amid our manu bashing has been tony playing like total ass

Matthew: Do you think we'll get an invite to the wedding?

Michael: you might.

Matthew: And Manu with a ridiculously dumb 3rd foul.

Michael: I wonder if tony has the dress picked out the dress yet

Matthew: Tony's prettier and handsomer than the both of us put together.

Michael: that'd have been funnier if I wasn't retarded.

Matthew: No, no it wouldn't have been funnier.

Michael: oh what do you know?
we're awful.

Matthew: Parker's gimpy.

Michael: Our backcourt sucks today.

Matthew: Old. And. Slow.
That is the temp.

Michael: This will make for quite the fun post.

Matthew: How come women in commercials are almost always more attractive than the guys they are paired with?

Michael: white is in the jacket.

Matthew: Fuck me.

Michael: cos guys have the more disposable income and they want men to feel they can get women they have no business getting through confidence in commercials
jackson just answered his own rhetroaical question

Matthew: Why does Beno think he's good enough to continuously shoot off the dribble.
Parker and Manu are a combined 2-14.

Michael: cos he's Beno Udrih and he doesn't have to answer to you

Matthew: The Spurs are shooting 29%

Michael: are you saying we're playing poorly?

Matthew: The Spurs have two guys with more points than FGA.
The Lakers have 5.

Michael: numbers are for morons who need evidence

Matthew: I think I'd rather be watching the NY MIL game

Michael: you don't mean that dude.
I think we have less points than the suns get in a typical quarter.
fave 5, what a lame gimmick
I love how they put themselves in their fave 5
I've never seen lost.

Matthew: Me neither.
I just saw 24 for the first time this year.

Michael: haven't gotten into that either.
I'm more of a heroes man.

Matthew: 24 isn't the worse thing ever.

Michael: it's not, but I can think of more convincing tough guys than migit kiefer sutherland.
Jackson probably won't be # 2 in a few years.

Matthew: I don't even know who's next to pass him.

Michael: magic will make a comeback.

Matthew: Kidds
Kidd's 2300 behind him
That's probably at least 4 more seasons.

Michael: yeah never mind. I thought nash was a lot closer than he is

Matthew: Avery's #28 all time.

Michael: I take it back. Mr. Jackson, you are a God.
screw avery.

Matthew: Latrell Sprewell is 100.
Brevin Knight is 98.
That's messed up.
Johnny Moore is 88, right ahead of Kevin Garnett.

Michael: The NBA. I love this game
Muggsy's 15th

Matthew: Stockton is first in A and STL.

Michael: and elbows on picks.
ac green was a dork
kobe's abusing everybody we put on him.
parker's confidence in the jumper is shot.

Matthew: You see the Parker glass as half-empty all time.
all the time.

Michael: ...
more with sugar than with honey?

Matthew: That's exactly what I was writing.

Michael: Oberto gets zero respect from the refs

Matthew: I spent the last two minutes looking at Gheorge Muresan's career stats instead of watching the game. That's how boring this game is.

Michael: only down 7
great pass prent
already in the penalty?
I get it, you're from new york. Fuck
wodner if manu has ever had a game with more rebounds than points.

Matthew: I doubt it. Considering he's already got 6 points despite 1-6 shooting.

Michael: as poorly as we're playing, we're still in it.


Michael: this could be the kind of game where we win ugly and then abc doesn't think about showing us
again until may


Michael: that would be a silver lining, no more marc jackson.

Matthew: ok.
I'll give you that.

Michael: on spursdynasty I'm the "negative guy"

Matthew: Holy crap
What does that make me?

Michael: here I might as well be a pretty little cheerleader named amber.
I think it makes you a guy in therapy.

Matthew: Nice hops Duncan.

Michael: your anger at the spurs represents your mother.
or something.
that was slightly less graceful looking than kobes

Matthew: Parker needs to assert himself for us to win this game.

Michael: he's being outplayed by smush

Matthew: Uh. That was a foul.

Michael: like putting duncan on the free throw line is a negative for the home crowd
dammit fin

Matthew: Finley just got punked.
Top five Madonna songs. Go.

Michael: Pop isn't playing bruce on manu. Either he's hurt or Pop just realized he can't guard anyone
on kobe I mean
uh... Like A prayer, Justify My love, like a virgin, holiday, cherish?

Matthew: Justify My Love?

Michael: oh top five?
never mind.
I just named five.

Matthew: Gotchya.

Michael: I dunno.
Like a prayer would be one though.

Matthew: I thought you were gay?

Michael: huh?

Now I'm just being a prick.

Michael: yes, I like girly music.

Matthew: Like a Prayer is a good choice.

Michael: deal with it.

Matthew: Dude. I'm thinking about taking a trip to NYC just so I can see Les Mis on broadway.
By. My. Sels.

Michael: it's about blowjobs.

Matthew: Self.

Michael: that's kinda gay.

Matthew: Like a Prayer is about blow jobs?

Michael: I saw the producers on hbo the other day. It was okay

Matthew: I watched March of the Penguins yesterday. It's not about blowjobs.

Michael: finley hitting shots.

Matthew: It's about penguins.

Michael: why is vaughn palying? Goddamit

Matthew: Because this is all beno's fault.
And he's scrappy.

Michael: nice steal.
minus the s.
manu can't shoot.

Matthew: Word.
To both.
I have to peepee
Nice take down!

Michael: that was a good foul.
get a 3 point play out of that fucko.

Matthew: "You gotta give me a token or something if you gonna go for a ride."
That was funny; I'll give Mark Jackson that one.
Jacque Vaughn with a quickness.

Michael: I guarantee I could entertain more people than mark jackson if I was the color commentator. But nbc would get a huge fcc fine.

Matthew: I would just repeat what I heard the players say.
Life is a mystery.

Michael: I think motherfucker would get kinda tacky after the 10th time that quarter.

Matthew: Everyone must stand alone.
I'm all about the tacky.
I hear you call my name
And it feels like home.

Michael: okay you can quit that.
I'd ask you to name your top five cure songs, but I'm not convinced you can name five without looking it up.

Matthew: I can't.

Michael: dork

Matthew: Boys Don't Cry.

Michael: monday?

Matthew: Friday I'm In Love.
Whatever that song is called.

Michael: Do you mean Manic Monday or Friday I'm In Love?

Matthew: The latter.
Yeah. I suck at Cure songs.

Michael: that was my favorite Jacque Vaughn highlight of the year.

Matthew: Definitely.
I felt a little sorry for the guy.

Michael: I don't. He's getting paid.

Matthew: Just like a prayer.
Your voice can take me there.
Just like a dream.

Michael: stop!

Matthew: You are not what you seem!

Michael: like transformers

Matthew: Top five Michael Jackson songs. Go.

Michael: fuck. you.

Matthew: Papa don't preach.
I'm in trouble.
Papa don't preach.
You can end this stampler.

Michael: Well now I'm really upset the spurs are playing badly.

Matthew: You need to cry on my shoulder?

Michael: I wasn't before, but all this madonnamania is too much.
I think I'm going to pop in the dvd of manu's 48 pointer against the suns after this game.

Matthew: The Spurs are still shooting 29%.

Michael: at least they're consistent.

Matthew: You need to send me a copy of that.

Michael: the one I got was a copy.

Matthew: Manu and Parker are a combined 4 for 20.
ok. copy it. send me a copy.

Michael: well, it's about time we pick on somebody besides the bench guys.
how the hell would I know how to copy it?
I don't have one of those machines.

Matthew: Use one of them compooters.
Barry, Bowen, Udrih and Vaughn are a combined 0-15.

Michael: I blame the early starting time.
we're old, we need our rest
Finley hits a couple of shots and thinks he's MJ.

Matthew: Fourteen points on 14 shots.

Michael: the worst acting in the history of television?

Matthew: Jack's an ugly man.

Michael: apparently he's never seen "the war at home"

Matthew: I know you aren't disrespecting Michael Rappaport.

Michael: jack isn't hurting for pussy.

Matthew: Watch your mouth.

Michael: the only reason I watch that show is that girl is hot.

Matthew: What did I say about Parker?

Michael: yes, he needs to shoot more.

Matthew: Don't pass it Parker.
Had the layup and blew it.

Michael: coulda ooped it to elson

Matthew: Half empty.

Michael: duncan looks impassive
and water is wet.

Matthew: Is every Argentinian required to make one retarded pass a game.
I have to peepee.

Michael: god you pee a lot.

Matthew: But I'm going to hold it.
I didn't peepee the last time.

Michael: how else would you pee?

Matthew: And I don't know why:

Michael: if you don't hold it it goes everywhere

Matthew: A) I'm telling you this.
B) I'm calling it peepee.
Dude. Your penis is NOT a waterhose.

Michael: it's a urinehose.

Matthew: It's about penguins.

Michael: what?

Matthew: Stay with me stampler.
I'm tying it all together.

Michael: hey let me ask you, which hand do you wipe your butt with after you go number two?

Matthew: My right.

Michael: see that's gross. I use toilet paper.

Matthew: I can't afford toilet paper.
Therapy is expensive.

Michael: sorry.
for the therapist I mean. I feel sorry for the therapist.
I would totally charge you like 5 bucks less so you could afford it.
ah, tony was too busy planning his wedding to get ready for the game.
that's it.

Matthew: Manu was too busy shopping for man purses.

Michael: I think Mark is feeling jelaous that tony gets to tag eva.
I've had her, it was okay.
"Well Mike, I'd have no problems puttting it in Eva"
what Mark Jackson would say if I was god.

Matthew: Is the game over yet?

Michael: technically no.
are you bored of tony parker and dooty jokes

Matthew: dooty?

Michael: doody?

Matthew: AH.
I'm bored with the Spurs.
In general.

Michael: it's not my native language.

Matthew: And these commercials.

Michael: the offense was so awesome and free flowing against memphis. I just don't get it. It's like the Lakers are way better than the Grizz or something.

Matthew: I wish I could filter out every beer and truck commercial.

Michael: it'd be a lot of static.

Matthew: <Pop>The Spurs just aren't committed to moving the ball today.</pop>

Michael: I want every commercial to be like beer commercials. Just use hot girls to sell everything and be goofy.
good manu. No mas tres puntos por favor.
wow he made one.
4-13. On fire.

Matthew: Horrible shot from Duncan.

Michael: indeed.

Matthew: Horrible foul from Manu.

Michael: so you feel it was horrible then?
radmanovic kinda looks like sacha baron cohen
but with hair.
facial hair.
back to back...

Matthew: The 2005 version makes that.

Michael: oh
well this version shoots a higher % of them
a dagger to make us down by 4?
I love marj jackson.

Matthew: Jackson is full of douchebaggery.

Michael: "The dagger to give the Spurs hope."

Matthew: Because when you need some hope, you knife somebody.

Michael: New York called, they no longer want you to mention you were raised there.
Manu with one of the worst 18 point games this side of 'Toine.
we've played so poorly that right now the three stars would be duncan, finley, manu, and all three have shot significantly less than 50%.
eh, maybe horry.
I'll put horry.
we've missed so many shots that our offensive rebound numbers look great.

Matthew: We're doing a good job on the defensive glass, too.

Michael: see, silver lining!
I smell championship.

Matthew: I smell my balls.
Radman is a PF?

Michael: nice pass

Matthew: Yes. Def.

Michael: geez

Matthew: Nice take from Tony.

Michael: we can tie it here

Matthew: I don't know how that was a foul.

Michael: he pushed manu away first, but tim did foul him

Matthew: ok.
Lakers by 1.
One minute remaining.

Michael: yes
nice shot

Matthew: Bowen rules. I've said it all day.

Michael: loose ball foul
manu at the line!

Matthew: Shit.

Michael: geez

Matthew: Stop falling away God dammit.

Michael: play d

Matthew: Spurs by 3.

Michael: dammit

Matthew: Unbeleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevable.
Kobe misses a dunk and Radman drains a 3 in the mayhem.

Michael: that would have been duncan's 6th

Matthew: That was a foul, too.

Michael: it's okay, we'll run the clock down here

Matthew: What do you do? Isolate Manu?

Michael: win, or 3 secs left for la
should bowen be on the floor?

Matthew: Who else?
Barry, who hasn't played four 15 minutes?
I guess Finley.

Michael: yup

Matthew: What a sad state of affairs.

Michael: great. Just hope kobe doesn't hit it

Matthew: 2.7 seconds left.
Tie game.

Michael: dammit we had it.
manu's missed freebie hurt.

Matthew: Yeah.
17-19 for the game, though.

Michael: but it just goes to show, if you play defense and rebound you'll be in a lot of ballgames.
I'm sounding like pop now.
he stepped on manu's face

Matthew: Really?

Michael: I think he landed on manu after the block

Matthew: Nope.

Michael: no, just a slap

Matthew: Right arm.
Got him flush, too.
That definitely wasn't a flop.
I'm peeing for sure.
Recap the last play.

Michael: manu punked him
Kobe fakes Bowen out of his jock, manu comes from behind and stuff's him and kobe flails his arms and hits gino in the face hard.
no foul call from the refs.
we're due to win one of these overtimes

Matthew: We ain't winning this with Manu on the bench.

Michael: dammit

Matthew: Bryant is picking us apart.

Michael: some great defense we're playing

Matthew: Jesus.
Parker can't buy a damned basket.

Michael: goddamit, can't get a roll
thought manu was coming in

Matthew: He's not bleeding.

Michael: great now he is
next whistle

Matthew: Fucking Smush.

Michael: they won't miss

Matthew: We need a timeout here.
To get Manu in.

Michael: crap

Matthew: Poor coaching from Pop

Michael: nice move

Matthew: Parker just crossed the shit outta Smush.

Michael: tony's stepping up

Matthew: Looks like Gino's going to have a shiner tomorrow.

Michael: c'mon d

Matthew: Parker hitting the freebies.
Bullshit roll.

Michael: tony's on fire

Matthew: God bless Smush.

Michael: refs giving manu the benefit

Matthew: Yeah. It helps that Vlade takes a huge swipe.
The Spurs up by 1.
73 seconds.
Kobe is good.

Michael: god

Matthew: That shot was retarded.
Finley sucks.

Michael: finley likes shooting

Matthew: Fucking. Sucks.

Michael: good help d by manu

Matthew: Yeah, made him make an awkward step; can't beliveve he missed it.

Michael: okay we need a score here

Matthew: Finley is 5-15.
0 FTs.

Michael: one of four spurs who's missed at least 10 more than they're made

Matthew: Spurs down one with the ball and 30 seconds to go.

Michael: I don't think Finley has stepped on the paint all day

Matthew: Isolate Parker.
Not on purpse. that's for sure.

Michael: nice
20 seconds
doubleteam kobe

Matthew: Duncan goes to lefty running hook.
I agree.

Michael: they're not going to run it down. They want insurance in case of a miss

Matthew: Yeah.

Michael: they'll shoot relatively quickly

Matthew: They'll probably go right away.
Spurs with a foul to give.
Don't use it.
They'll be expecting it.
Sweet Jesus.

Michael: interesting...

Matthew: That didn't count.
But Jesus.

Michael: fuck
he won't fucking miss

Matthew: Kobe Bryant is crazy good.

Michael: I don't think bowen is making much of a difference on him
he's in the zone.

Matthew: Yeah, I'm not blaming Bowen for any of this.
Pick and roll Parker and Duncan.
7 seconds.
Lakers by 1.

Michael: oh my god!


Michael: didn't see that coming

Matthew: Finley from 26 feet.

Michael: just like we drew it up

Matthew: Yeah, that play sucked ass.

Michael: but remember Matthew, he was in rhythm
it doesn't matter if it's half court if your'e in rhythm

Matthew: Pop didn'te ven change expression.
Rhythm cures cancer.

Michael: cos he knows this game will mean finley will keep shooting horrible shots for the next two months

Matthew: Yeah. It's bittersweet.

Michael: can we please stop kobe from hitting a 3
I'm terrificed of kobe right now.
terrified even.
And I just realized I've lost my huge spurs emb bet unless we go to double ot

Matthew: I think he might catch the ball, stop time, freeze Bowen with an ice ray from his ass and then shoot a left handed fade away from 30. Swish.

Michael: yes!
what a game!

Matthew: Bowen denies Bryant.
Can't believe they couldn't get him the ball.

Michael: I believe I called that ugly gritty win in the 3rd.

Matthew: It was all you.

Michael: win of the year.
it was me.
see, don't give up on them. As flawed as they are, and lord knows they are, if they can rebound and play defense, they have a chance.

Matthew: Against the Lakers, without Walton. Yes, they have a chance.

Michael: what's important is they didn't fold.

Matthew: Pfft.

Michael: they could have just called it a day

Matthew: Pfft.

Michael: and they did it with the big three all having off shooting days