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You Write the Recap! (Please?)

PtR needs your help! I finally have admitted to myself that me writing a recap for every other game is just not realistic. I have work and school and running and therapy and pimpin', which ain't easy.

Stampler covers the odd-numbered games for PtR and the even-numbered games for SpursDynasty. This is where you guys come in. I'm hoping some of you can write recaps for the even-numbered games. What you write, and how much you write, is up to you. I might do some editing for format but I don't foresee changing any content. Just have your game recap posted as a diary by 3 p.m. central time the following day and I'll bump it to the main page.

If you're interested, pick a game from the list below and sign up via the comments. At this point I want to limit this to two games per person. If there's a ton of interest I'll add the rest of the season and fill out the schedule.

Thu 2/1 @ PHX, 9:30 TNT JamesR
Fri 2/9 @ ORL, 6:00 adam8065
Tue 2/13 @ NJ, 6:30
Tue 2/20 vs. DEN, 7:00 TNT rick2g
Sat 2/24 vs. SEA, 7:00 BobPalSF
Sat 3/3 @ HOU, 7:30 NBATV jrduncans
Tue 3/6 @ POR, 9:00
Sat 3/10 vs. NJ, 7:00 NBATV
Thu 3/15 @ MIL, 7:00
Wed 3/21 vs. IND, 7:00