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Game Thread #44 -- vs. Memphis

Does any team have a best player more boring than Pau Gasol? (Other than the Spurs of course. Watching Tim play is often like reading a poor German translation of Dostoyevsky. (I read The Brothers Karamazov. It's about the virtue of suffering. I think.))

Freaking Pau. Ugh. Let's hope Chucky Atkins blows his top again. That might have been my favorite moment of the year; Sean Elliott was going on and on about how much he loved Atkins as a player, and how he didn't understand why Atkins had so much problem finding a team that wanted him long term. And then Chucky blows his top in the first half of the game and gets instantly tossed (after getting called for a charge I think). Two technicals at once; gone. Stampler's rundown:

I think twarp frustrated him to the point of insanity with his repeated penetration into the lane in the 2nd quarter and Atkins screamed something to the zebra about "fucking calling it the fucking same way for both fucking teams you fucking fuck."

They must have shown the replay of the confrontation multiple times, and here's pretty much exactly what Chucky said; the only word I'm not sure of is the last one, which was began as his head turned away from the camera:

"Call the motherfucking handcheck you motherfucking cocksucker."

Let that be a lesson to all you youngsters out there; (2) * motherfucker + cocksucker >= (2) technicals. You have to feel out the refs; sprinkle in the occasional "cocksucker" before telling him how you really feel.

Tonight's lines:

MEM @ SA: SA -13

Post away.