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Game Thread # 43 -- vs. Houston

Tonight the Spurs face the Yaoless Houston Rockets on ESPN. As far as I know McGrady and his rickety back will suit up.

Some odds and ends:

According to Johnny Ludden, Pop wants Parker to shoot less.

"He wants me to try to do a better job of getting everybody involved and try to take less shots," Parker said. "I try to get more shots for Michael Finley and Brent Barry and to get their confidence going."

Translation: "Finley and Barry have sucked ass and for some reason Pop thinks it is my fault."

"I'm trying to do my best to help my team out and get something going," he said. "My offense will always come back. I just try to be more as a passer these last two games and get everybody involved."

Translation: "I'll appease Pop for a couple games, but I'm the damn point guard and I'll go back to shooting 20 times a game whenever I feel like it! Marseilles represent! Sacre Coeur!*"

*Yes, I know that's the church and not the French exclamation; that's what makes it funny.

(Via I think this is pure conjecture on the author's part, but even merely possible rumors are fun to talk about. Basically the reporter considers the possibility that Mullin, the GM of the G/SF laden Warriors, may soon go after "Francisco Elson, Nazr Mohammed or Stromile Swift." I can't see the Spurs dealing Elson, considering how important he seems against the likes of PHX and DAL, but if it gets them a defensive, long athletic 3 like Pietrus, then I think they would have to consider it. But, again, I think this is much closer to fantasy than rumor, and 90% of rumors don't pan out anyway.

Contest standings haven't been updated in forever. Sorry; I'll catch up soon. Tonight's lines:

Houston @ San Antonio: SA -8
New Jersey @ Golden State: GS -4.5

Post away.