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Game Thread # 42 -- @ Philadelphia

(Be sure to check out stampler's recap of the NO game below.)

Andre Igoudala! Andre Miller! Uh, umm, don't tell me. Stephen Hunter doesn't start, right? Theo Ratliff? Is he with Boston now? Yeah, Boston. Who's that tall feller Philly overpaid for. Samuel Dalembert! There we go. And Korver and Willie Green and this isn't a contest so I'll shut up.

Is ANYONE going to watch this game over Indy / NE? ANYBODY? Yeah, I'll tape the game and watch it later, but c'mon, it would take Flight being named to the starting lineup for me to get excited about this one.

Your contest lines (standings still not updated since before Laker game):

San Antonio @ Philadelphia: PHI +9
Milwaukee @ Portland: POR -5.5

Post away.