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Let's See How Long This Lasts

For better or worse, I am back. Back to Seattle, back to life, back to blogging. The wireless internet connection I was piggybacking off of at my parents' house proved entirely unreliable. That, along with typical family-holiday-stuff like playing games (way too much poker and Sudoku challenges lasting until 2 in the morning), dining at the family restaurant (Paesanos in the Quarry; we've been eating there, or at the old San Pedro location, since the 80s) and seeing a couple movies (Pursuit of Happyness (disappointing) and Night at the Museum (surprisingly enjoyable)), kicked me out of the Spurs loop. I think there were three entire games I didn't see. I haven't even had a chance to read stampler's posts. Lots of catching up to do.

PtR member FirebatMIV suggested "a news round up every morning." A great suggestion, and something I have contemplated doing since the season started (in fact, "Spurs_Daily" was the first section I added). In terms of blogging, I plan on concentrating on a daily news post and maintaining open threads for every game.

The daily post will highlight what I consider to be important Spurs news. It will usually contain links to, and excerpts from, relevant articles. I'll also throw in my thoughts occasionally. The Spurs_Daily posts are also a great place for PtR members to add links (via comments) of interesting Spurs/NBA related articles; there will undoubtedly be things I miss. I plan on having this up every day by 11 a.m. central time. Without further adieu...

+ Wait, the Spurs didn't trade what for who?

I am surprised this hasn't been bigger news, but apparently the Spurs had/have a chance to acquire Corey Maggette:

The Clippers would be intrigued by an offer of Brent Barry and Beno Udrih, but the Spurs consider it too risky to part with two of their best ball-handlers. Some Spurs officials also are extremely hesitant to include Barry in any type of deal for Maggette given that Barry has been the team's most dependable reserve while ranking second in the league in 3-point accuracy.

Who exactly are these "Spurs officials?" And when did the Spurs start hiring morons for the front office? Are you seriously telling me the Spurs could have acquired Corey Maggette for a 35 year old SG who can't guard a spoon and a PG so far in Pop's doghouse than he's lost playing time to a dude named Jacque? And they said no???

Look, I know Barry is a great shooter, and the Spurs need a great shooter to space the floor for Duncan and create lanes for Parker and Manu. But Maggette turned 27 two months ago, is signed through only next year at less than $8 million per, and, well, he's a much better basketball player than any multiplicative combination of Brent Barry and Beno Udrih (including their inverses; for example, Tim Duncan divided by Brian Scalabrine = infinity, therefore Luke Ridnour / Brian Scalabrine ~ Tony Parker). He can create his own shot, gets to the line at an alarming rate (and converts over 80% of his FT) and rebounds well for his position (3rd in the NBA in RP48MIN amongst SF). If the Spurs want to play small ball, here's the guy to do it with. He's not a good one on one defender, but there's no way he's worse than Barry or Udrih (or Finley). Simply not possible. He has the athletic ability to be a good team defender, and that can be taught.

As for why he's not starting for the Clips, I've yet to read a good reason. Apparently he and Dunleavy don't get along. Personally, that doesn't bother me, because I couldn't get along with a guy with Dunleavy's hair. He takes the fourteen hairs still survinging the follicle wasteland that is his forehead and combs them straight back. Have some self-respect, you look redonkulous.

The only way I forgive the Spurs for not making this trade is if they win the title this year. That fourth banner is the only justification for not trading a couple of spare parts for a near all-star caliber player still in his prime.