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Game Thread #40 -- vs. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers, in San Antonio, on ESPN HD. Awesome! Too bad I'll be at work/therapy/work/school from 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. I presume Bill Walton will be announcing the game, which means Fabricio should go off. He's got to be shooting 80% in the presence of the damned hippy, tree-hugging, red-haired freak.

Look for Parker to have a big game. He got schooled by Kirk Hinrich on Wednesday and got benched multiple times. Here's what Pop had to say after the game:

Asked what the home team did to control the focal point of the offense, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich answered, "Not a damn thing.

"It would have made more sense if he was hurt," the Spurs boss added. "He is fine (physically). Which is not the way he played, if you catch my drift."

Yes, Pop. Your subtlety is not lost on us... Parker sucked the donkey balls.

Here's a pointless prediction: Tony Parker scores more points in the first quarter then Smush Parker scores in the entire game.

Tonight's lines (for the like 3 people still left in the contest):

Los Angeles Lakers @ San Antonio: SA -9
Golden State @ Los Angeles Clippers: LAC -7

Post away.