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Game Thread #39 -- @ Chicago

The WAS game was extremely disappointing. Arenas did nothing that could be considered even mildly heroic. Jamison and Butler did their best to match his ineptitude. Duncan was somehow solid and nearly invisible at the same time. And I swear it felt like Ginobili and Parker played like absolute ass, though it only shows up in the TO column of the box score. What a fucking let down this game turned out to be.

To add injury to insult, Matt Bonner tore his left MCL when he landed awkwardly after going for a rebound. Just a freak play. An MRI confirmed he would not need surgery; he'll be out 2 to 6 weeks. What does this mean? The latest from Johnny Ludden:

The Spurs hope Bonner's absence is tempered by the return of starting center Francisco Elson, who has missed the past nine games after suffering a slight tear to his right rotator cuff. Elson will see a shoulder specialist today. If cleared for contact, he could be back in the lineup by the end of the week.

In the meantime, the Spurs are expected to include Jackie Butler on the active roster for this afternoon's game against Chicago. Butler hasn't given much indication in practice that he's ready to contribute, so Horry, Fabricio Oberto and Eric Williams likely will fill in as needed.


The Spurs have a special 1 p.m. tip tomorrow in Chicago. The NBA scheduled a bunch of early games, presumably in honor of MLK Jr. Day. I don't have much to say about this game, other than I am not looking forward to watching whomever gets Matt Bonner's minutes.

Here are your contest lines:

San Antonio @ Chicago: CHI +2.5
Toronto @ Philadelphia: PHI -1

Post away.