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Over My Dead, Bloated Body!!!

A quick site maintenance update before I get to subject-related thoughts. I rearranged the right sidebar. I moved diaries to the top, in hopes of encouraging more of you to, well, write diary entries. At the bottom of the "Recent Diaries" section you can adjust the number of diaries shown.

I also added a new section further down called "Memorable Quotes." That's pretty self-explanatory. There's one quote from Seth I need to add in there. Note to self.

My links section is in bad need of massive overhaul. I hope to get to that soonish.

Contest standings do not reflect the outcome of the POR or DEN contests. I will get to those before the Wizards game on Friday.


A quality win from the Spurs tonight. I appreciated Parker's performance (despite the 5 missed layups); he clearly was not 100%, but he gutted it out on both ends against the likes of Boykins and Iverson (who played like a man possessed on both ends (except when guarding Manu in the post) but got little help).

Has anyone else noticed that Fabricio always seems to play well when Bill Walton is announcing the game?

The DEN fans were very disappointing. There was little to no booing of Manu; they must have forgotten how he cut out their collective heart and fed it to them during the 05 playoffs. He gave them a little refresher course during the last 3 minutes of the game. I'll let the play by play tell the story (my comments italicized):

2:51 Manu Ginobili makes two point shot 84-77 (on a wicked drive)
2:41 Bruce Bowen jump ball 84-77
2:33 84-77 Allen Iverson misses 7-foot two point shot
2:30 Bruce Bowen defensive rebound 84-77
2:15 Matt Bonner misses 26-foot three point jumper 84-77
2:13 84-77 Marcus Camby defensive rebound
2:02 84-80 Earl Boykins makes 25-foot three point jumper (Allen Iverson assists)
1:44 Manu Ginobili makes 16-foot two point shot (a banker after faking J.R. Smith out of his man-thong) 86-80
1:35 86-80 Marcus Camby lost ball (Manu Ginobili steals)
1:31 Tony Parker makes layup (Manu Ginobili assists) (a no look bounce pass with english) 88-80
1:31 Denver full timeout
1:31 Michael Finley enters the game for Matt Bonner 88-80
1:21 88-80 Tim Duncan blocks J.R. Smith's driving layup
1:20 88-80 Denver offensive rebound
1:20 Denver 20 Sec. timeout
1:15 88-80 Earl Boykins misses 26-foot three point jumper
1:13 88-80 Earl Boykins offensive rebound
1:09 88-80 Earl Boykins lost ball (Bruce Bowen steals) (Manu should get half a steal here)
1:09 88-80 J.R. Smith personal foul (Tony Parker draws the foul)
0:47 Michael Finley misses 17-foot jumper 88-80 (Finley sucks donkey balls)
0:45 88-80 J.R. Smith defensive rebound
0:40 88-82 Allen Iverson makes driving layup
0:40 Bruce Bowen shooting foul (Allen Iverson draws the foul) 88-82
0:40 88-82 Eduardo Najera enters the game for Linas Kleiza
0:40 88-83 Allen Iverson makes free throw 1 of 1
0:30 Manu Ginobili makes driving layup 90-83
0:25 90-83 Allen Iverson lost ball (Manu Ginobili steals)
0:22 Tony Parker makes layup (Manu Ginobili assists) (a touch pass that nearly brings Jon Barry to climax)

So that's 6 points, 2 assists and 2.5 steals in the last 3 minutes. After the last assist I found myself laughing like Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop. Can't explain it, but that's what happened.


ok, so the title of this post. The Sixers bought out the remaining two years on Chris Webber's contract. According to ESPN, he wants to play for MIA, DET, DAL, LAL or SA.

How can I make this abundantly clear? No. No way. No fucking way. No fucking way Jose. (Disagree? See the new poll.)

I would rather have Robert Horry play 48 minutes a game. I would rather bring Gheorge Muresan out of retirement. I would rather put an ice sculpture of Muggsy Bogues on the court. Chris Webber sucks on both ends of the court and I refuse to elaborate or discuss this matter further (except for the following).

Luckily I find it extremely unlikely the Spurs would entertain the notion. They already have 15 players under contract. And Pop and company have to know the answer to their problems isn't getting older and less mobile.

I wish Cuban was still in "collect veterans" mode, but I am afraid he's wised up too much to bring in Webber. The Lakers make the most sense, with their dearth of big men thanks to injuries. Webber, with his passing ability, could prove useful in the triangle offense... presuming Phil Jackson could figure out a way to electroshock him every time he shot the ball.