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Game Thread 37 -- @ Denver

It's nice when another blog does your homework for you. Apparently Earl Boykins is a game time decision and Najera, Nene and (of course) Camby are a little banged up. Also, Mr. "Nugg Doctor" seems to have a "source" claiming Parker is likely out due to a strained hip. Well, my source, which is the television, showed me that he played last night, so I don't know why he wouldn't play tonight. He did sit out the fourth quarter, so maybe he retweaked it, but it's not like they exactly needed him at that point. I guess we'll see. (Oh, and that blog points out that Fabricio looks a little like K-Fed, which I thought was total crap until I saw the pictures; I'm a little scarred.)

One thing I did know about this game is that J.R. Smith is coming back from his brawl-related suspension. To refresh your memory, he's the guy the Spurs traded Barry for at last year's trading deadline, only to have the deal fall through because the paperwork was submitted minutes late.

I think some of you have gone all in again tonight... the Spurs, on the road, in a segababa, in the thin air, with a banged up Parker, against the fastest-paced team in the league, 4.5 point favorites; you people is crazy.

Tonight's lines:

San Antonio @ Denver: DEN +4.5
Miami @ Seattle: SEA -1

Thoughts, fake wagers, favorite K-Fed lyrics? Post away.