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You Are All Dead to Me

What the hell people? Seriously, what the hell? I slave away in front of my computer, providing you degenerates with one, sometimes two low to medium quality posts a month and what do I ask for in return? Well, nothing, directly; but I hint at stuff all the time.

For example, throughout the history of this blog, how many posts have I written about shoes? Specifically shoes some how related to Spurs players? I went back and counted. 417 posts. Four hundred and seventeen! Apparently my devoted readership either isn't paying attention or doesn't give a rip, because not a single one of you gave me a heads up about these:

What are those? Nike Dunk Low QK Manu. That's right. Not exactly the same as a signature shoe (in the sense there aren't multiple colorways and they're not for, you know, ballin'), but the damn things have a map of Argentina printed on the insole! And that insignia on the right is Manu's official logo. These effers have been on sale since early August (FSR, too!) and no one told me. No one dropped me an email. I don't want to hear any excuses. I thought we had something here. Something special. I don't even know you anymore.

I am headed right now to Nike Town. You punks better pray they still have 'em in stock, or somebody's gettin' cut.