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Half Time Thoughts

Pray. Voodoo. Sweep the leg. Fuck you Jobu, I hit curve ball myself. Go the distance. This is a fuck.

Well. Let's hope they start missing some shots. Maybe the Spurs should stop double teaming. Or double team more. I have no idea. DAL has hit the open shot and the tough shot and every shot in between.

And just where the hell is Manu Ginobili? 3 FGA in the entire half? That's nancy-boy bullshit.

Obviously, the Spurs need to get some freaking stops. Offensively, they need to pound the ball inside and hope DAL continues to double team. Because the Spurs are going to need to hit a ton of 3s to win this game. Wish I had something more erudite than that.

Let's hope for a miracle.