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Same As It Ever Was


1. I've said this a million times. Tony Parker cannot shoot the ball and the only sensible defensive scheme involves playing well off him and going under every screen and roll. It took SAC one game to figure this out and two games before they really started exaggerating their defense. In games 3 and 4 Parker went 14-33 with a total of 34 points and 7 assists. His TS% was 47.7% which is awful; his season TS% was 58.4%. The Spurs, as a team, had a TS% of 54.7% for the year.

I've said it all season; once the playoffs start the defenses will change and it will have a dramatic effect on the Spurs offense. The whole year the offense largely revolved around Tony Parker and his penetration. He would either get all the way to the rim or kick out to a jump shooter usually in the corner. Parker's man is clogging the lane and it's throwing off the entire offense. This is why Bowen's scoring is way off and Tony's assists are down.

It's not easy to have your number one option become your number 3 option once the playoffs start. And that's what Parker should be against SAC. The 3rd option. If he can't get that through his head then he needs to be benched in favor of Barry who knows his role. His 3P prowess would force SAC to go over the top of the pick and roll, and now all of the sudden the offense is back to semi-normalcy.

2. Not that this is all Parker's fault. He's at least trying; Manu played timidly in both games 3 and 4. He came out and said he wasn't mentally ready for game 4; that he was still thinking about the turnover that cost them game 3. This is the same guy that took over countless playoff games last year? I don't care who's guarding him, he needs to force the action.


1. My expert analysis shows that Bonzi Wells is killing the Spurs. Nobody has slowed him in the post and nobody has kept him off the boards. The Spurs have tried single-covering him with Bowen and Finley. Didn't work. They've tried the occasional double-team; not effective enough. It's time to get creative. Give Bowen one more quarter to redeem himself; if Bonzi is still killing him then put Rasho or Duncan on him. Seriously. How could it be worse than the status quo? This would totally negate his post up game. He could take them out to the 3P line, but that isn't his comfort zone. And it's much easier to help on penetration from 25 feet away than on penetration from 15 feet out. One would think a 7-footer would curb his offensive rebounding, too.

2. Stop switching the fucking pick and roll. If I see Tony Parker switch onto Artest of Wells one more time I am going to cry.


1. Quit yer bitching about every damn foul call. Look Tim, you're an amazing defensive player, but just because your arms were pointed up doesn't mean you didn't foul somebody. The refs have seen that stance a thousand times, and they've never changed a call. And Finley, just shut the hell up. That whiny face you constantly make gives me the runs. And Mr. Parker, wipe that damned sheepish grin off your face. Why does that face only appear when you've screwed up? This is the playoffs. Play angry. That goes for everyone.