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Great all around suckfest from the Spurs tonight. Every King starter outplayed their Spur counterpart. Duncan apparently still has the flu, but that did not stop him from bitching and moaning the whole game. He, along with Manu, need to just shut the hell up and play. Even I am tired of it at this point.

I feel stupid and somewhat petulant for pointing out the obvious, but tonight was a SEGABABA for the Spurs, their Achilles heel all season. And we all know there are no BABAs in the playoffs. Yes, I know SAC played last night as well and I do not mean to discredit them. I am merely pointing out that tonight is not indicative of what the Spurs will bring in the playoffs.

One fun side note to this season has been the on the court relationship between Rasho and Van Exel. I think half of Nick's turnovers have come trying to get the ball to Nesterovic. Tonight he tried a mini-backdoor lob to the big fella and Rasho just sort of came to a lumbering halt as the ball flew over his head. The pass was only 6 inches behind him, but The Solid Slovenian is not quite known for his "mid-air" adjustments. Nick didn't look too happy. In fact, he had the same look that Duncan had when Rasho missed a layup off the side of the backboard. I know that does not seem possible, but that's what happened. TiVo does not lie.


Today I am starting what will hopefully become a tradition: The Thursday Totally Random Gif. Feel free to send along your favorite .gif files to my Gmail account nbaspursblog. The more absurd the better. And, believe it or not, I am not interested in porn, OK? I get enough of those emails from the blogger groupies.