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Home Court Advantage

Well, thanks to SA's pathetic loss at SEA and DAL's losing streak, the Battle for Home Court (see right sidebar) is basically over. Here are the records as of the end of Sunday's games:

DET: 59-14
SA: 57-16
DAL: 55-19

I think it's safe to say that DET is not going to lose 5 of its last 9, so DAL will not have HCA throughout the playoffs. DET has clinched the tiebreaker over SA via the sweep of the head-to-head match-ups, so the Pistons have to lose 3 more games for SA to have a chance. I could see them losing @MIA, vs. CLE and maybe @MIL, but falling short in any other contest would be a big surprise. Of course 3 DET losses would require the Spurs to win out; not likely.

The Spurs are 3 games up on DAL in the loss column with one head-to-head remaining. A win in that game would virtually assure SA of having HCA through the Western Conference Finals. A loss would leave the Spurs with a 2 game cushion. The second tiebreaker is conference record, and SA currently has a 4 game advantage in the loss department. All of DAL's remaining games are against WC opponents; therefore it is impossible for the two teams to wind up with the same record and with DAL having the same or a lesser amount of conference losses. Long story short, SA has clinched the tiebreaker and thusly would have to lose at least 4 of their last 9 for DAL to have a chance.