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It's a Good Thing They Don't Pay Me to Write This Crap

First off, Ron Artest made me look like a total chump-ass moron. He was selective on the offensive end and scored huge baskets down the stretch. He also forced Ginobili into his worst offensive playoff performance in well over a year.

I guess the outcome paints Adelman as some genius, but how do you NOT foul when you're down one with 27.4 seconds to go and 24 seconds on the shot clock? I was surprised to say the least.

I was more surprised when Ginobili went too early and then decided to throw the ball to Bibby 25 feet from the basket. Good defense from the Kings, but an absolutely bone-headed move from Manu, who had 7 TOs for the game. Amazing finish from Kevin Martin; no one would have blamed him for missing a contested layup over Duncan.

I'll probably write more before game 4. In summary, I am a chump-ass moron. For now. Rick Adelman is one notch above chump-ass moron. For now. And Ginobili sucks balls. For now.