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The Sports Guy's NBA Playoffs Preview

Bill Simmons goes through the interesting subplots of the NBA playoffs, tieing them to lyrics from Pearl Jam songs.

I sometimes disagree with his analysis, but he's undoubtedly one of the most important NBA writers out there. First, he unabashedly (that can't be a word, can it?) loves the game. Second, he's willing to criticize the league and its players. There's no pandering or kowtowing or ass-kissing. So, yeah, go read it. A lot of you probably already have.

I've seen Pearl Jam about 25 times in concert and I have tickets for 3 shows of the upcoming tour (San Diego and The Gorge twice). (But, please, don't confuse me with someone who refers to themself as a "Jammer." Though I live in Seattle I've never seen any of them around, never tried to find out where they live or the location of there studio space. I don't feel compelled to own a copy of every show they've ever done. I'm not one of the "irrationally overboard Pearl Jam fans" Bill talks about (I've certainly met some of them, though.) But would I make out with Eddie Vedder if I had chance? Oh hell yes.) Most fans consider Binaural and Riot Act, their last two albums, to be disappointments and are hoping for some sort of rebirth. But how the hell does he slag Vitalogy? And Yield, their fifth full-length album, may be their best effort. Hell, No Code, record number 4, contains the best three song series in the history of the band! Though I can't decide if it's Hail, Hail --> Who You Are --> In My Tree or Who You Are --> In My Tree --> Smile.

Anyways. Shouldn't I be writing a preview right now? Well, technically, I should be working. Or at least cleaning my desk. It's a wreck.