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Moving. Just keep moving.

-Supergrass, "Moving" from their self-titled album

Moving sucks under all circumstances. Inevitably you come across embarrassing amounts of life's ephemera; purposeless junk that, when you get right down to it, adds nothing to your life. And yet you struggle with questions.

"Should I keep these old issues of The Economist that I've yet to read?"

"Do I really need the instruction manual for my toaster? Bread in. Push lever. Wait. Toast. I can live without toasting guidance, right?"

"There has to be more than this?"

I am in the middle of it; moving from a basement on a hill to a condo in the sky. "A deluxe apartment" if you will. Staying in Seattle, of course. The new place is good; I'll post some pictures when I get settled.

Spurs blogging will resume shortly; it's time to prepare for the playoffs. Get your game face on, etc.