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Game Thread # 20 -- vs. LA Clippers

[Update: Fellow SB Nation blog has a good preview of tonight's game.]

Gollum, Brand and the 9-8 Clips come to town tonight. They've played 11 of their first 17 games at home, which makes their record even less impressive. However, they've only played 3 games against the Eastern Conference, including a 25 point drubbing of ORL. Now which is more important, home court advantage or strength of opponent? Given how pathetic the East is this season I have to go with the latter. Conclusion? The Clips are slightly better than their record indicates.

By the way, every team plays 52 (not 50, thanks aaron) (out of 82) games against teams in their own conference.

Random stat #1: the Spurs have a point differential of +8.2. The next best team is HOU with +5.2.

Random stat #2: there are only two teams in the Western Conference (MEM and POR) that have worse records than the leader of the Altantic Division.

It is not too late to join in on the contest fun. First prize is a $30 gift certificate to Here are today's lines:

Washington @ Philadelphia: PHI +2 (same as WAS -2)
LA Clippers @ San Antonio: SA -8

Thoughts, fake wagers, explanations as to why I had a dream I was dating Jennifer Capriati? Post away.