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Another Goddamn Football Game?

Stupid league. Ugh.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh (-7) Another NFL Network doozy, from the people who brought you Bengals vs. Ravens. Be still my beating heart. I hate this league. On ESPN2 right now they're showing the 2006 College Slam Dunk Contest, so you can see our 15th man, James "Flight" White if you hurry. Or you can watch the Derek Anderson led Browns go up against the Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu-less Steelers. Wheeee. Steelers to win, Browns to cover.

Oooh, they're also showing the Emperor Commodus and the Mavs facing off against Chauncey, 'Sheed, and our beloved T-Rex on TNT.

Or you can just take a nap until My Name Is Earl comes on. Is it a new episode this week? Anybody know?

(Actual Spurs related post coming in two hours, or your pizza is free.)