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Game Thread # 28 -- @ New Orleans

Holy crap the weather in San Antonio has been absolutely retarded today. Windy, rainy, even a couple dabs of hail here and there. Perfect weather to do last minute Christmas shopping in! Oh, and it's always nice when your sister's Jeep Liberty decides to lose traction while making a 15 degree turn at 20 miles an hour. It happened on an entrance from an access road onto I-10 (so thankfully no oncoming traffic and grass on both sides). My mom freaked out, my sister immediately (and I mean immediately) went into "help us Jesus mode" and I... well, I did my best. I didn't do anything stupid like slamming on the brakes, but we still ended up in the grass, but we didn't hit anything and I kept all four wheels on the ground at all times. Still scary as all hell.

I guess you could say we were fortunate.

And you guys are fortunate, too, because I am sitting at my parents' table and piggy-backing off some neighbor's wireless internet! So here's your open thread for tonight's game against NO in Oklahoma City. David West, Bobby Jackson and Peja are all out with, well, one would think injuries.

Let's hope the Spurs play better tonight because last night was absolutely dreadful to watch.

Contest standings haven't been updated in forever. I am going to do that right now and will post them ASAP. Here are tonight's lines:

Los Angeles Clippers @ Houston: HOU -7
San Antonio @ New Orleans (in OKC): NO +9

Thoughts, fake wagers, suggestions for ways to handle tailspins? Post away.