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Game Thread # 26 -- vs. Memphis

Hey now, I know what you're thinking. Memphis? MEMPHIS? You go three days without a Spurs game and now they're playing the freaking 6-19 Grizzlies? But hey, Gasol's back! Pau! Pau pau pau pau!!!11!

Of course he's averaging 2 (whole) rebounds a game, so, uh, something's apparently awry.

At least one can watch Rudy Gay and Hakim Warrick and daydream about the day the Spurs finally find their long three they've needed since 1987. Or behold the site that is Chucky Atkins and wonder just how the hell he's good enough to be an NBA player. Seriously:

Is there anyone that looks less like an NBA player than Chucky Atkins? At least guys like Brian Scalabrine are tall. Chucky Atkins is listed at 5'-11"! There's some chicanery going on here.

Contest standings haven't been updated for a, er, while. Here are tonight's lines:

Cleveland @ New Jersey: NJ -1
Memphis @ San Antonio: SA -12.5

Post away.