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My Thoughts on the Trade

(Thanks to stampler for getting a thread up so quickly.)

My first thoughts about this trade have not been amended: I wish AI would have gone somewhere else because I strongly dislike George Karl and the Nuggets.

My second set of thoughts were that this trade wasn't going to work out for DEN. Now, after reading Hollinger's article and doing some mental percolation, I have changed my mind.

Yes, both Iverson and 'Melo shoot a ton. But it's not like Iverson is averse to passing the ball; he's averaged over 7 APG the last three years, on teams without the talent DEN has.

The obvious question is can each player alter his game for the good of the team? Why not? Iverson wants to win more than anything. He has something to prove, and that's not merely a cliche when applied to a guy with a drive like Allen Iverson. And let's not forget what a fucking ridiculous and hopeless situation Philly was.

He's free at last.

He has talent around him. A big man in the paint who has his back. A perimeter shooter who can nail the open 3. A running style that fits him (DEN has the fastest pace in the league). A city with rabid fans that will support him. He's in the Western Conference, where the real competition plays. You think he doesn't realize all this? You think he isn't filled with joy and energy right now? If not, have you never seen this man play?

An interesting twist to this whole thing involves Carmelo's recent actions at Madison Square Garden. People have used terms like "cheap-shot;" he's been portrayed as a punk. And who's the least punk-ass player in the NBA? Who's got the most cred? Iverson. He's always been himself. He's not GQ like Wade. He's not aloof and unproven like LeBron. He's not a back-stabbing snitch like Kobe. You're telling me that after what just happened to Carmelo's rep that he's not going to be willing to subjugate his game for a player who, just by dropping some quotes to the press, could do more for the restoration of Melo's reputation than Melo winning the scoring title?

As for this trade's impact on the Spurs? I still don't think DEN can can beat SA in a seven game series. They have two good defenders they can throw at 'Melo (Bowen and Manu) and three they can run against AI (the above plus Parker). But Finley, Barry and Beno will be useless defensively against this team, and considering how much DEN runs the Spurs may need another guy off the bench who can guard animate objects. Like His Flightness. Just sayin'.