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An Important Poll

Normally I put the polls on the right sidebar without a formal announcement, but this one has a special importance. I need every man's (my apologies to PtR's 4 female readers) input, Spurs fan or not. Before getting to the question I will give you my answer.

Yes. Absolutely. Every day, and twice when I run. Why wouldn't I? It saves time and water, plus it's really cold in my apartment in the mornings and I like to warm up as fast as possible.

I'm no barbaric neanderthal; I'm careful when I do it, making sure to avoid improper distributions:

Now, back when I was married, I didn't, because my ex-wife had to use it, too. But now that I'm single I am the one in charge of all household maintenance, so I allow myself this luxury, and you know what? I don't feel bad about it, and if you think I should, well, as in all moral dilemmas, it's best just to turn to En Vogue for wisdom:

Free your mind,
and your life will flower.
Just go ahead,
and pee in the shower.

Please vote; let your voice be heard!