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Game Recaps Will Return Tomorrow!

Sorry, very lazy and very tired. I have to get up in seven hours to play ball. Poorly. Picture Beno Udrih, but much fatter, and there you are. But even though I'm only 5'11, I have the wingspan of somebody who's 6'1, so I can block shots like a motherfucker.

Anyway, to tide you over, here is a Manu mix on Youtube. I like this one the most because the song so doesn't fit him, that it works in an ironic way. The lyrics are so completely inappropriate. It's some rapper talking about all these hos he's banging.

Here are the nfl picks..

NYJ at Min -3 Jets to win and cover

Cle at Bal -11.5 Ravens to win, Browns to cover

Hou at NE -11 Patriots to win, Texans to cover

Mia at Buf -1 Dolphins to win and cover

Pit at Car +3 Steelers to win and cover

Was at NO -9.5 Saints to win, Redskins to cover

Jax at Ten +3 Jaguars to win and cover

TB at Chi -13.5 Bears to win, Bucs to cover

Phi at NYG -5 Giants to win and cover

Det at GB -5.5 Packers to win and cover

Den at Ari +3 Cardinals to win and cover

KC at SD -8 Chargers to win, Chiefs to cover

StL at Oak -2.5 Rams to win and cover

Cin at Ind -3.5 Colts to win and cover