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Game Thread # 25 -- vs. Philadelphia

Ugh. Just ugh. Who actually wants to watch this game? Philly is on a segababa, is without AI and they've lost 10 in a row and 14 out of their last 15. I don't even think we'll be able to watch Webber play like ass (he was out last night). I am not saying it's a guaranteed win; after all the Spurs found a way to lose to an Iversonless Sixers team in the 03-04 season (how did I remember that?).

The Spurs, and subsequently Spurs fans, have little to gain from this game. They should be up by double digits by half time. The only positive that can be gleaned from whooping up on the Sixers is the knowledge you didn't take them lightly. Wow. Terrific. That's like getting paper towels for Christmas. Yeah, I guess I can use them, and it's better than nothing, but, uh, well, suck.

Of course if Pop has the guts to allow His Flightness to suit up then I retract everything I have said.

Contest standings do not include the NO game. Tonight's lines:

Detroit @ New Jersey: NJ +1.5
Philadelphia @ San Antonio: SA -16.5!!!

Well, I'm off to get a late lunch. Chicken phad thai at Phuket, just down the street. Seriously, who doesn't love Thai food?

Thoughts, fake wagers, favorite Thai foods? Post away.