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Former Spur Jaren Jackson is an NBA Legend

No, really. It says so right here.

Jaren Jackson is a member of the National Basketball Retired Players Association, and their website runs interviews under the title "One-on-One With a Legend." Other legends include Mark Randall and the immortal Michael Cage. (How many of you can picture his 90-91 Hoops card with the gheri-curl? I know I can, and it's a beautiful picture in my mind.)

I don't want to poke too much fun at Jaren. After all, he was the starting shooting guard for the first Spurs championship team. And while it may be true that over half of the NBA SGs at the time could have filled his role, the simple fact is they didn't. He hit some big shots and played tough defense in the playoffs. He's a part of Spurs history.

And apparently he's doing quite well for himself. He was the 2006 Coach of the Year in the CBA, and his wife is an attorney and professor at American University. That's pretty cool.