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Bad News...

Your Minny recap or perhaps a Mini-recap, stay tuned, will have to wait because I'm swamped with schoolwork and also because I'm lazy and also because Matthew hasn't shown me how to put stuff from youtube on here yet. He's so protective of all his magical technology secrets, like an angry little squirrel. He is clearly the Tony to my Manu. Okay, maybe I'm Beno. Whatever, blame him. It will get done sometime over the weekend, when I am back home and in a conscious state. If I manage to drive home without killing myself by falling asleep behind the wheel, it might constitute a small miracle of "Manu dunking home an alley-oop pass from Tony" like proportions.

Your football pick, in a game I will not watch even for a second, is for the Seahawks to win, 49ers to cover.