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Game Thread # 24 -- @ New Orleans

(Administrative note: Do to comment spam problem (on other, more highly trafficked sites than PtR), comments have been disabled on posts more than a week old. It shouldn't have an effect on any of us; just wanted to let you know... oh, but now I can't go back and respond to massive boisson's comment that he loves me, so I'll have to tell him here that I love him, too. But don't be jealous everyone, I love you all. Not equally, of course. Let's be honest.)

Tonight's a special game folks! Why? Well, first, it's on TNT, which means just about all of youz gets to watch it. That also means that we'll get to listen to Barkley, Kenny and Ernie. If you don't enjoy that than I ain't got nuthin' for you. Lastly, it means, in this case, that I will be live blogging this sumbitch. That's just me posting comments as the game goes on, hopefully with much mirth and jockularity and hopefully with stampler, assuming he ever resurfaces. Everyone is encouraged to join in... Serbians and Slovenians alike, stay up late and, uh, participate. Even the Frenchies are invited, but leave your turtlenecks at home. Seriously, you guys look ridiculous.

Hide the women, children and effeminate men, it's the dreaded fogafini (fourth game in five nights; I should do a PtR glossary).

The Spurs go down I-10 to New Orleans, where the Hornets will play their second home game of the year outside the confines of Oklahoma City (and, if you've been there, you realize "confines" is the best way to describe just about any place in Oklahoma (though their basketball fans are to be commended)).

Hey, Peja's not playing tonight. This would seem to be a good thing; he does have a positive +|- of +4.9 per 48 minutes. But they are, not surprisingly, a better defensive team without him (49.7% eFG allowed vs. 47.3% when's on the bench). This could pose a problem in the sense there's now no one for Bowen to guard. Paul is too quick, West is too big, Mason is too sucky (one of the lowest PERs in the league).

I would like to say that Pop should adjust and reduce Bowen's minutes. Except those extra minutes would likely go to Finley, and he's so freaking awful that I would rather have Bowen on the court, not wasting offensive possessions. Or maybe Finley should get some "food poisoning" (do it Budenholzer, do it) and that White feller could seat up and unleash His Flightness. (Like "Your Highness," get it?)

Tonight's contest lines (standings have been updated; see below):

San Antonio @ New Orleans: NO +(PLUS)7
Houston @ Golden State: GS -4.5

Fake wagers, comments, cheap jokes at the expense of the French? Post away.