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Game Thread # 22 -- @ Los Angeles Clippers

Hey everybody, read stampler's Laker recap below this woefully short post. His analysis makes me realize that he pays a hell of a lot more attention than I do.

I am going to be out of commission for most of this week. My organic final is Wednesday and I have about 100 hours of work to do before I take my holiday leave two Fridays from now. Plus Xmas shopping and running and trying to get rid of these 3 pounds I've gained and fucking therapy. (Nothing like dragging yourself through the mud just about every day and then going right back to work.)

I know, I know, boo-fucking-hoo. I'll just listen to some Rilo Kiley and get over it.

Contest standings have not been updated since before the Clippers game. Today's lines:

Dallas @ Utah: pick (this game starts at 9 ET so plan accordingly)
San Antonio @ Los Angeles Clippers: LAC +2.5

Thoughts, fake wagers, "I knew you were gay but I didn't know you were listening-to-Rilo-Kiley-gay" jokes? Post away.